The essence of THE KEY

The fundamental essence of THE KEY is to become aware that you already carry the healer within you. Inner healing may be needed at various points in our lives. We all have the opportunity to transform ourselves and draw new strength. To leave the past behind and embrace the new. However, sometimes external impulses are required for this.

Being whole or complete is a concept that relies on one’s own perfection. You are whole when you are no longer divided. When your outer world finally aligns with your inner life. When your life is a perfect expression of what you are deep within.

For me, meditation, my breath, and sounds have incredible healing power, allowing me to unite the external and internal. You will experience these special forces in the following Healing & Coaching Sessions with THE KEY.

THE KEY Meditation

 (3 Online Sessions) 

  • I’ll show you how you can use the powerful tool of “Meditation” for yourself and thus build a bridge of connection to yourself.

  • You will learn how to release physical blockages in yourself to alleviate physical discomfort and stress.

  • We will integrate various breathing exercises for more clarity and focus in your life.

  • You will learn how to better understand and recognize the access to yourself and your inner world.

These three sessions are beautiful inspirations and can provide you with new motivation and new perspectives. More ease and a new sense of your body on the path to greater consciousness.

Wie funktioniert Sound Healing?

Durch Sound Healing, einer besonderen Form der Klangtherapie, können Körper und Psyche entspannt und harmonisiert werden. Von tiefer Verbundenheit über visionäre Klarheit bis hin zur Schmerzlinderung, kann Sound Healing viele positive und heilsame Auswirkungen auf Körper und Geist haben. Der Atem reguliert sich, Stressempfinden und körperliche Blockaden nehmen ab. Verdauung und Hormonhaushalt werden ausgeglichen und regulieren sich. Langfristig dient das Sound Healing der Zellheilung und der Aktivierung deiner Selbstheilungskräfte.

Schon im antiken Griechenland wusste man um die kurative Kraft der Klänge. Heute ist das Sound Healing fester Bestandteil der Yoga- und Meditationspraxis. Sogar in der modernen Psychotherapie setzen Therapeuten immer häufiger auf die wahrnehmungsfördernde und beruhigende Wirkung von Klangschalen.

Bei dem Sound Healing geht es neben der akustisch wahrnehmbaren Musik vor allem und die Vibrationen und Schwingungen, die im Körper spürbar sind. Über das körpereigene Wasser werden diese externen Schwingungen aufgenommen und wirken stimulierend auf unser Gehirn. Körper und Geist kommen zur Ruhe, es entsteht Raum für Heilung. 


 (7 Online Sessions) 

The content:

  • In each session, we meditate together and provide you with space and time for stillness to arrive
  • We discuss your everyday issues and find new routines for you
  • You will receive a long-term plan that you can incorporate into your life after the coaching
  • We integrate breath and meditation, focusing on the healing of the chakras and your aura field

What you bring:

  • You are ready to let go of the old, experience and integrate the new
  • You have commitment over an extended period, are willing and open to explore new paths
  • You want to expand on the topics of self-love and self-healing to fully unfold your potential

If you see yourself in this coaching and want to work on yourself and your self, please send me a message below in the contact form, and we will schedule an initial consultation without obligation

The path of inner healing can be a long one, but the journey to yourself is worth it. This path can be a gentle stream or, at times, a stormy ocean. In any case, allow yourself to ride the waves and transform

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