The path to mentoring with THE KEY

Back to the beginning, back to yourself. Healing work and meditation are important tools to support you on your journey back to your true self. When all attachments, confusion, and rejection fall away, your true self emerges. However, as long as you try to be something other than what you are deep inside, you exhaust your spirit.

As a mentor, I help you refocus on the essentials. Together, we create the necessary distance between your true self and the influences of your external world. We deconstruct and explore, we develop and create. It’s not just about your vision and the ‘why’ behind your being. Because only by understanding your temperament rather than suppressing it can you truly understand your own personality. You learn to approach yourself and your surroundings with compassion

Each of us has a calling in life. Each of us carries an instinct for the extraordinary in our hearts. We are all part of something greater, something transcendent. We are part of the cosmos, part of a world order. Transformation is therefore not just possible; on the contrary, in our world order, it is the norm. But only with the necessary clarity can you recognize what your path looks like.

With clear boundaries and full confidence in my own abilities, I inspire you to explore this path anew. With love, clarity, and humility. I, too, have mentors by my side on my journey to my true self. Through my own experiences, I can help others avoid steps that divert them from their true vision.

Ultimately, we will all walk our path. Whether with or without a mentor, that decision is yours alone. You are exactly where you need to be right now. Everything is ready for you


 (12 Monate Begleitung Online + Physisch) 

  • Du hattest bereits Erfahrung im Bereich Coaching oder bist selbst in diesem Bereich tätig und suchst einen Mentor für eine langfristige Begleitung für dein Business oder dich privat 
  • Du bist Selbstständig, Sportler oder in einem Unternehmen tätig als Führungskraft 
  • Du bist offen und bringst Com·mit·ment über einen längerer Zeitraum an dir zu arbeiten & stetig zu lernen
  • Möchtest dein ein Team ausbauen oder ein neues Team gründen 
  • Du hast Lust etwas langfristig zu verändern und brauchst eine neutrale Sichtweise dazu 
  • Themen wie Breath Work / Meditation & Klang sind Bestandteile des Mentorings – du bist offen und neugierig dafür
  • Du möchtest an deinem Selbst wachsen und liebst es mehr und mehr Klarheit, Fokus und Power in deine Vision zu legen.

Dann lass uns diese 12 Monate zu deinem absoluten Tranformation-Jahr machen.
Gemeinsam erschaffen wir – gemeinsam sind wir. Lebe deinen Traum im JETZT.


 (12 months of online and live session support) 

  • You already have experience in coaching or work in the coaching field and are seeking a mentor for long-term guidance for your business or yourself privately
  • You are self-employed or work as a leader in a company
  • You demonstrate commitment and are willing to engage in regular exchanges with me
  • You want to expand your team or establish a team and need the right strategy
  • You’re eager for long-term change and need a neutral perspective
  • Topics like breathwork, meditation, and sound are part of the mentoring – you are open and curious about them. 
  • You want to grow personally and enjoy adding more and more clarity, focus, and power to your vision

Let’s make these 12 months your absolute transformation year. Together, we create – together, we are. Live your dream in the NOW

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