"My choice is to live heaven on Earth.
What is your choice?"

julia Kellerer

About Me

I have been on the path of entrepreneurship for more than three years, and like many, I had to learn that true happiness is not found in the external world. My journey, filled with twists, turns, and obstacles, ultimately transformed me into someone who understands that everything needed for deep happiness is already deeply anchored within us.

I began my journey in the beauty industry, starting with the distribution of cosmetics, later opening my own studio, and even launching my own cosmetics line. Everything around me revolved around external beauty and the pursuit of an elusive perfection that can never truly exist. The world I entered ultimately revealed to me what I had long felt as my inner calling: to inspire people, help them unlock their potential, and guide them to their true selves.

There is no perfect moment to make a change; it’s a feeling that comes from the depths of our soul. We just need to learn to pay attention to that inner voice. In 2020, I finally followed my inner voice, my key, and since then, I have been helping others find their unique key to personal self-development

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”

Nelson Mandela, Long Walk To Freedom

My journey

The path to freedom has led me from my inner world to the outer world and ultimately back to the innermost. Even as our thoughts change, at our core, we remain the same person. Because everything we need, we already carry within us. We are creators of our lives; we decide how to shape it. Our healing also begins with a decision, as it forms our new reality. I want to accompany you on this journey into this new reality, to show you what else you can discover and take with you. My vision is to show people how they can heal themselves through their primal power, to find their way ‘home.’



• Leadership position in a Swiss cosmetics company

• Training and work as a makeup artist

• Establishment of my first company

• Sale of the company to business partners

• Founding of yourKEY

• Training and work as an esthetician with a focus on gemstone therapy

• Launch of my own cosmetics line, yK Cosmetics

• Seminars in the field

• Aura, Chakras, and Crystal Healing

• Meditation & Breathwork

• Ayurveda

• Official role as a mentor and THE KEY trainer



"The sound of your life begins in the heart."

julia Kellerer

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